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Q: Are all meals Plant Based/Vegan?
A: Absolutely, all meals 100% Plant Based/Vegan!

Q: Are all meals Gluten Free?
A: Absolutely, all meals are 100% Gluten Free!

Q: Does any meals contain animal products?
A: Absolutely not! Although the kitchen is a shared space and during outside preparation hours milk & eggs are prepared on site. We take food safety standards extremely seriously and take every precaution to ensure any any cross-contamination is avoided.

Q: Do you use Organic Ingredients?
A: Where possible! Majority of our grains, legumes, seeds, nuts are organic as well as herbs and majority of fresh fruit & vegetable are sourced from Broadmeadow Farmers Markets!

Q: What do the meals come in?
A: They come in a temperature control box with a gel ice pack to ensure meals stay nice and chilled for when you get home.

Q: How long can the meals be left in the chilled box for?
A: Up to 24hrs! Say whaaat!

Q: How long can my meals last in the fridge?
A: Until Friday they're good as gold! After then, probably best for your pets to enjoy!